Fine Artist based in Central Illinois. Living in Your World. Painting in Mine.

Art comes from our unique ability to interpret an idea. My work is an ongoing pursuit of the best way to interpret what inspires me.

My inspiration has never been in short supply. I’m a self-taught, 3rd generation fine artist living in central Illinois who grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario near Niagara Falls, NY. A lot of my work is representative of that time in my life, but my repertoire grows constantly through my travels. I have found points of intrigue everywhere I’ve been: from the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean to the beautiful sunsets and red rocks of the American southwest. I feel fortunate to capture and relive my experiences. Each piece is simultaneously an extension from my past (where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned) and a preview of my hopes and dreams for the future.

My personal technique combines elements of painting, mixed media, and collage into a new unique method. I call it cascade painting. When complete, my works create a three-dimensional kinetic effect to a two-dimensional static image. Some of my pieces are contemporary expressionism with a straightforward meaning. Others are abstract art that encourages the viewer to find his or her own special place. But like the great Niagara Falls where I grew up, the sight of cascading light and color inspires a sense of wonder.

Words cannot begin to fully describe why I do what I do. Much like my children and the love of my life, painting is everything to me. My gift is one that I share with the intention of giving others the same joy that I feel every time I pick up a brush.

Arlaina Marie Signature